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Oxygen Forensic Suite

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Oxygen Forensic Suite bundles a collection of comprehensive equipment and features designed for extracting and examining information from handheld devices, this sort of as smartphones, PDAs along with other handsets made by various companies.

The purpose of Oxygen Forensic Suite is always to use advanced data recovery algorithms so as to collect a significant amount of information from the goal digital storage media, which can then be utilized in making a lawful proof established.

With support for advanced proprietary protocols, this application is able of extending the array of data extracted by an utility of its form.

Apart from basic information about the phone (product, retail name, platform, software revision, boot loader, deal with guide and many others.), it can retrieve SMS messages that were erased from the phone memory, retrieve SMS, MMS and emails, function logs for sure models (Symbian OS and Windows Mobile smartphones), the browser cache, modification dates for calendar activities and messages.

Furthermore, you can utilize it to extract text notes, the call heritage, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, CSD and HSCSD session logs, digital camera snapshots and voice recordings, saved files and folders. It will allow you to definitely perspective the geographical situation that corresponds to specified phone actions (despatched or received messages, snapshot using, calendar entry generation and many others.).

The built-in wizards goal to guide you all through the process of placing up a fresh connection (by using USB, serial, Infrared or Bluetooth) and extracting data with only a few clicks. The extracted information is neatly and conveniently organized in different sections within the primary window, enabling you to definitely filter the data and access the sought after module, too as export the forensic report back to various formats for additional processing.

Oxygen Forensic Suite generates a summarized phone exercise report, providing examiners the possibility to track functions, look at communication studies and reconstruct the events timeline. The extensive assortment of appropriate devices, along with the Unicode support and the built-in file viewer, can make it a reliable tool for running complete forensics investigations.
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